Mobile car wash Toronto

Going through a regular ‘drive-thru car wash’ can potentially leave unwanted scratches and swirl marks naked to the eye, and let’s not forget they don’t even do that well of a job! Lustretouch offers a premium car watch in Toronto that includes a full shampoo wash the vehicle, rims and spokes degreased, wheel wells scrubbed down, as well as removing dirt from your door jams. And at the end, we use paste wax on the whole body of the car to preserve the paint and protect it from harsh UV rays.



Depending on what package you are interested in and the size of your vehicle, it can take anywhere from 2 – 4 hours. Yes, it takes that long? There’s a big difference between mobile car detailing (deep clean) and going through a touch-less car wash that you can observe after our services.

To schedule an appointment or to gather more information, give us a call at 437 888 5255 and one of our representative will assist you.