A DIY Guide to Clean Your Car Engine

A clean and well-kept car doesn’t only look good but drives smooth too. To keep your car in a good shape, the car engine should be checked and cleaned on regular basis. As the engine is the heart of a car so, if it is in a good state, the car runs perfectly fine. Cleaning your car engine on your own may sound like a tedious job, it is best to let professional car detailers in Toronto handle it for you. However, if you really want to accomplish it by yourself, following these simple steps would help:


Prepare Your Engine

Prepare your car for cleaning by removing any dirt and debris from its hood, grill, and vent openings. Ensure that the hot car engine is cool off by opening the hood. Cover all exposed parts of your car engine including open wiring, spark and distributor plug openings, and sensors to keep them from getting wet. You can simply cover them with plastic bags that can be secured with tape. Though a little water won’t harm these components, just make sure they do not get soaked in the water for long. Make sure you press down the dipstick and seal the brake fluid and coolant tightly to prevent any chemical reactions and degradation that may occur due to water getting into these fluids. You can also consider removing the battery from the car or you can disconnect battery terminals.

Step 2


professional car detailers in Toronto explain that you can de-grease your engine by using either solvent-based or water-based products by simply spraying the degreaser all over the engine compartment. As the de-greasing agent produces hazardous gases while dissolving the grease, try using environmentally friendly degreasing agents. A solvent-based degreasing agent is considered to be good as it cleanses and cuts through heavy build-ups easily but if you are sensitive to solvents, it is better to use water-based degreasers.

Step 3


Scrub the engine compartment well unless your car engine is not very greasy and dirty. You can use a small brush with plastic bristles to clean away any gunk from all over the engine. Pay special attention to the valve cover of your engine.

Step 4

Clean & Dry

Once all the grease and dirt is removed using a soft brush clean the engine with water. You can use a simple house water hose to spray water on your engine and if you have a power washer, keep it on light settings. Avoid spraying direct water on electrical parts of the engine and also, take care of parts that won’t dry soon. Start rinsing from the back of the engine, going to the front.

Once all the excess water gets evaporated, take a microfiber cloth and wipe each part thoroughly. You can also use a compressor to blast the air to remove access water from areas that are difficult to reach.

Step 5

Remove and Reconnect

Removing the coverings and disposing them correctly is the most important step of the process states professional car detailers in Toronto. Leave the hood open for at least an hour so that each engine component gets dry properly. Once you are sure that the engine is fully dried, reinstall the terminals and reconnect the battery.

Use these steps or reach out to the best auto detailing agency near me and clean up your car engine.

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