Are automatic car washes safe?

Do you take your car to an automatic car wash to get a quick makeover? Do you love the time you save when you sit idle in the car while it is being washed and rubbed by the automatic cleaning machine? Well, if you answered yes to these questions, you are one of the many car owners who do not know the possible dangers of automatic car washes.

Yes, you read that right, automatic car washes pose a wide range of threats to your cars and you aren’t even aware of them. Wondering what could possible go wrong? Well, here is a detailed account of possible dangers of automatic car washes explained the professional car detailers in Toronto.

  • They use recycled water

Yes, it is a great way to conserve the environment and save the rare treasure of water we have. But, when it comes to cleaning the car, the recycled water may cause some damage. If the automatic car wash does not have an effective decontaminator, the water may have a lot of impurities which means your car paint will be exposed to grit, dirt and other impurities.

  • The harsh cleaning agents can cause significant damage

Automatic car washes is a business and as any business owner, they too want to maximize their profits while cutting down the operational costs. Using cheap cleaning agents is one of the best ways to cut own the cost of operations. As cheap cleaning agents are nothing but a combination of harmful chemicals, your car is exposed to a wide variety of risks at cheap automatic car washes. Even if your car comes out of the car wash sparkling clean, it will show the signs of damage soon after.

The rotating brushes rub the chemical on your car thoroughly affecting the clear coat and causing permanent damage. It will erode the protective wax as well as the expensive car paint.

  • The car isn’t thoroughly clean

No matter what, automatic car wash can never match to the quality results of professional car dealers in Toronto. Automatic car washes are known to leave dirt behind and also fail to identify trouble spots. The dirt thus left behind accumulates and causes more harm than ever.

  • The wrong drying technique

Automatic car washes and car detailers companies, both use during air to dry off the washed car, however, the heated air used in automatic car washes is not sufficient in most of the cases. When you drive an improperly dried car out of the station, you get water spots and lingering marks all over the vehicle. This ruins all the effects of detailing from your vehicle. Moreover, the next time to reach to car detailer, you will need extra rubbing and polishing to get rid of the marks.

It is best to choose a professional auto detailing agency in Toronto to handle your car washing needs, a car is a pricey asset and must be cherished the same way relying on cheap automatic car washes is the worst mistake to commit if you love your car.

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