What is the difference between auto detailing and the car wash?

Best auto detailers in Canada For a car owner, times can be complicated when you need to take care of your car. From car repairs to maintenance, there are a lot of things in between that the common man is not aware of. For example, you might not know that an automatic car wash can harm your vehicle’s paint? Well, its dos and likewise several other things. This is the core reason why the best auto detailers in Canada advise you to know some common car maintenance terms such as auto detailing and car wash.

Many of you would be surprised to hear these two terms separate.ly. as for common knowledge, auto detailing and car wash are the same thing. Well, are they?

Expert auto detailing agencies explain the difference between the two which we have compiled in a post below. Check it out and learn more about care detailing and tire services in our blogs.

What is included in a car wash?

Very much clear by the name, a car wash is an exercise intended to make the car clean and remove all the traces of dirt, dust, grime, salt, and any other impurity that affects the aesthetics of the car. The process includes a few steps such as pre-wash, a wash, rinsing, and finally drying. Depending upon the car wash company you choose, the type of products used for the process differs. Certain agencies might also work on exterior protection with the help of car wax applications.

The major work is done on the exteriors while the interiors are sometimes cleaned and vacuumed and sometimes not.

If you choose a car wash, you must understand that the professionals would only clean the top surface of your vehicle.

What is included in a professional auto detailing service?

As far as auto detailing in GTA is concerned, it is a more detailed process than a car wash. An auto detailing session from reputed auto detailers would include several phases including paint correction, in-depth cleaning, and ongoing maintenance. The experts would also recommend and perform a range of preventive and remedial treatments aimed at making the vehicle look and function more smartly.

In a nutshell, auto detailing in Canada can make your vehicle have better longevity, appearance, and performance.


Some distinctive features of car detailing in Toronto include:

  • Use of high-grade cleaning and corrective agents.
  • Removal of grime, dust, debris, and every speck of contaminants on the exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Check-up of the paint and removal of any contaminants affecting the paint.
  • Use of high-quality point sealant to prevent any damage and secure the paint for a longer time.
  • Antibacterial treatments and ceramic coating services.
  • Headlight restoration and tire services.
  • Engine cleaning and protection.

However, to get the best results out of a car detailing session, you must ensure that you choose the best agency near you. There are bogus auto detailers who do more harm than good to your vehicle. If you choose not to be careful during your selection of the right auto detailers in Canada, you can sustain great damage to your vehicle.

When should I get auto detailing services?

You must take your car to an auto detailing center right away if you haven’t been there already. however, if you have availed of the services of an auto detailing agency, you need not worry about your car’s maintenance for several months.

The best auto detailers use advanced products that offer long-time protection and results. Unlike a car wash which you have to get every week or two, car detailing offers results that last longer and are more reliable in terms of car protection and paint maintenance.

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