Car detailers in Toronto Does your car makes you embarrassing sounds?

If you own a car then you must face this problem and if not, that’s good. But making awkward sounds is a common issue with the car. As we humans have our basic needs of food to survive in the same way machines or the car also require timely maintenance and daily care. Car is an important asset in today’s life and at some point feels like a basic need.

The trusted car detailers in Toronto explain that the car makes you uncomfortable sometimes just like your children. But to avoid these types of embarrassing situations you provide proper teaching to your children and teach them to behave with good etiquette. Similarly, if you want your vehicle to also behave properly then you must give them nice maintenance and care.

Common weird sounds of car are:

  • Screaming
  • Cloggy sound
  • Clattering

Let’s understand how the best car repair experts in Toronto explain about the embarrassing sound your car makes.

Screaming sound

The screaming sound in the car may be due to your seat belt or brake pads.

Due to improper use or any damage the pulley system and its orientation got disturb which results in a peculiar sound. Another source of screaming sound is the brake pad.

Because of regular use, the brake pad rubbed out due to friction with the rotor of the wheel. Brake pads have a limited span of life and require timely replacement. Running of brake pad will ultimately result in the brake plate colliding with the rotor of the wheel which produces an alarming sound and must be paid attention as brakes are the essential safety feature of a car which avoid accidents and save your life.

One more sound is clogging. Sometimes the air conditioning system of cars may impaired due to clogging of water droplets in drainage pipes which generate clogging sound.

Another reason for clogging sound is unfit weatherproofing, assert Best car detailers in GTA.  Although cars are equipped with a proper sealing system wherever required but with the span of time these seals get damaged which creates a passage of rain water or outside water to enter inside your car and get collected in gaps and later produce unwanted and irritating sound.

The last and the most common is Clattering or Knocking sound. It’s a major issue in most cars, this knocking sound is due to impaired engine. Engine components get damaged or nonfunctional with time and thus the engine produces this familiar knocking sound.  Most common cause this knocking sound is due to the faulty spark plugs.

This knocking sound signifies that the combustion system of your car is not working properly and doesn’t let the car start. Quality of fuel is sometimes also a reason for this unbearable sound.


So hopefully you got aware about common sounds and problems associated with them. So next time when you encounter this type of sound you will better understand what the issue with your cars is. But we advise that you must properly maintain your car via periodic servicing and stay away from these odd sounds.

After all, your car is a symbol of your class so don’t let them embarrass you.


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