Car Paint Restoration A Step-by-Step Guide to Restore Your Car Paint

Your car loses its appeal when its colour gets off or fades. Low-quality colour and over-exposure to sunlight are two main causes that your car’s paint gets fade. No matter what is the reason, you can restore the colour and make it look like before when it was new. The car paint restoration process needs detailing and you need to understand the type of damage and intensity of it. If the paint is not only faded but is peeled off, restoration may not be the answer. You may have to get it repainted, suggest the best car restoration experts in Brampton. However, if you are considering restoration of your car paint then you can follow the steps given below.

Paint Options

Your car paint restoration work majorly depends upon the type of paint used by the manufacturer. There are two types of paint jobs available in the market; Single-stage paint and 2 stage paint. While in old times manufacturers used to do single-stage paint, modern manufacturers use a double-stage paint job that includes the first coat of the paint colour followed by clear car re-paint service Toronto. So, you need to know the type of paint your car has undergone at the time of manufacturing. If your car is single-stage painted, it is better to get it repainted. But if it has a coat of clear coating then you can simply restore its existing colour. Clear coats need the same care as single-stage paint jobs as they are also normal paints with no pigments Car Paint Restoration.

How to Check the Type of Your Car Paint

Clear coats are a part of original painting process at the factory level that is applied to provide permanent protection to your vehicle’s paint. To check if your car has a clear coat, you can refer to its VIN plate and check its paint code. The paint code can also be checked on the service identification sticker or vehicle certification label. You can also consider asking your dealer about it. It will probably be the easiest way to know if your car has a clear coat or not. Alternatively, you can also do a patch test. Soak a rag in paint thinner and apply it to the affected area on your car and if the car’s colour shows off on the cloth then the clear coat is not there on your car. It is best to leave the complicated job to thee experts and work with a car restoration agency Brampton.

Let’s Fix the Faded Parts

You can restore your car paint yourself or get it done by professionals. Once you are confirmed that clear coat exists on your car paint, collect all essential tools and supplies to do the job. You will need a car buffing compound, an electric car machine buffer, polishing pads, and paint protection supplies like paint sealant, car wax, or polish.

Make sure you thoroughly wash the car to clean all dirt and debris. Consider using a clay bar to remove invisible pollutants.

Apply the buffing compound to the damp buffing pad and buff off the affected areas. Keep cleaning the buffed areas to ensure the buffing is done properly car paint restoration.

After fixing the minor scratched with the rubbing compound, apply some good car polish or wax on your car.

Car wax will make your car paint look pretty well and now you can seal this look by applying a high-quality paint sealant car paint restoration.


UV rays are one of the most common causes that your car paint fades so it is important to keep your car safe from direct sunlight as much as you can. But in case you have to face this situation, getting your car repainted and paint restoration are two good options to solve the issue car paint restoration.

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