Car Polishing Toronto

Looking for a premium car polishing services in Toronto? Call Lustretouch!

Car polishing involves detail and focuses as it will remove defects such as etching, scratches, swirls, and oxidation from your car and make it look brand new.



We propose a clean, advanced car polishing process after inspecting the level of damage, the current paint thickness, hardness, oxidation, etching, or scratches. Using the proper tools and techniques, we heat the paint’s clear coat until it softens to blend and erase the mark, and then the polish will then be buffed into a smooth new finish the same as before it got ruined. Our team will handle your car with the care it needs and complete the required process professionally.

To schedule an appointment or to gather more information, give us a call at 437 888 5255 and one of our representative will assist you.