Different stages of Paint correction process

Adding a new vehicle to your wealth is a great achievement. However, the squeaky clean, shining and impressive car of your takes no  time to show the signs of wear and tear as you drive it day in and out to endless destinations. Car is an asset with depreciating value and it is crucial to maintain it to the fullest.

Often, car owner forget to pay attention to the external beauty of the vehicle, irrespective of the regular service schedules, the car looks dull and old from the outside. The faded paint is one of the core element that contributes towards the low aesthetic value of your car and you need to find the best auto car painting experts near you as soon as possible.

What is auto paint correction?

Auto Paint Correction in GTA is the process of correcting the paint imperfections and making it look as good as new. The process include several steps such as swirl marks removal, deep marring, paint scratch removal and more. The auto paint correction Toronto experts work on eliminating the imperfections before they repaint the entire vehicle to restore its former glory. The entire paint correction process is very extensive and include several steps.

Stages of Paint correction

You will be surprised to know the paint correction treatment options available in the market today. Depending on the choice, the paint correction treatment is done in one, two or three stages to achieve the best results. The professionals at the best auto detailer agency in Toronto will guide you the best about the suitable treatment depending on the car condition and damage to the paint.

Stage 1

Car paint detailing Toronto is the first stage of the process. It refers to the process of polishing the auto paint in one sitting. Usually, the technician uses a buffing agent and pad to polish the entire external body and removes the imperfections.

Stage 2

This is an intermediate choice and is an excellent option for vehicles with minor scratches and moderate swirl marks. It is also termed as two-stage process as there are two different types of pads and polishes used to remove imperfections and re-polish the vehicle.

The finishing stage is the most crucial as it aims at removing holograms and then sealing the sheen with a wax sealant.

Stage 3

Stage 3 paint correction is the most advanced car scratch repair option. In the first stage of this process, a heavy cutting agent and a courser pad are used to treat the vehicle. The rest two stages are similar to the two stage correction process.

Why choose paint correction in GTA?

You need professional paint correction services GTA to improvise the looks and aesthetics of your vehicle. When done professionally, the treatment enhances the shine of the car and removes imperfections to the fullest.

Besides, paint correction is also an impeccable way to restore the longevity of your vehicle. With the correction process, the life of the factory paint on the car can be increased to several times.

Choosing the right paint correction agency Toronto is however the key to achieving the best benefits. We hope this post proves helpful for you in understanding the different stages of paint correction process and making the right choice.

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