Easy guide to removing decal stickers from your car

Car detailing agency in Toronto From car dealers to resorts you visit and even your favourite restaurants, decals are a very effective way that most companies use to advertise. While best car dealers also use decals to advertise, the expert auto detailers point out decals as a rogue accessory for the car. They spoil the look of the car, aren’t easy to remove and after a certain time, they can go shabby. Removing the decals can easily offer your car a beautiful look and spruce it up.

But, how to easily remove decals? Well, this guide from the top-rated car detailing agencies in Canada explains an easy way to get rid of decals safely and quickly.

The preparation

Do not rush to remove the decal the right way but clean the area around it first. Car paint correction experts explain that removing the stickers straight away can damage the car’s paint. By cleaning the dirt around the sticker, you can ensure that you do not harm the paint of the car while cleaning the adhesive. To clean the area, you can use lukewarm water and soapy liquid along with a washcloth.

Removing the decal

If you want to safely remove the decal from the car, you must do it when the conditions are right. Using heat to soften the glue of the sticker and then swiftly removing it is an ideal practice. You can also look up to the sun and when it is a sunny day out, you can take off the decal under the sun. However, depending upon the glue used in the sticker, you must wait for the ideal temperature. If this does not help, you must depend on external heat sources like a hair dryer and more.

Heat loosens the glue and once it happens, you can pull it off slowly and carefully. Use your fingers to remove a large sticker. However, sometimes the size of the sticker as well as its material can make it tough for you to hold it using your fingers. In such conditions, use a clipper to hold the decal. Remove large decals into small pieces for easy removal.

You may also come across resilient decals that are tough to remove. For such decals, you must use adhesive remover or reach out to the best car detailing agency in Toronto.

Cleaning the car

While removing the decal is an important job in itself, you must also pay attention to cleaning the car afterward. A proper clean-up post removal is important. The leftover adhesive on the car can attract dirt and debris, making the site doomed to filth. The dirt can lead to paint problems and you might have to take the car to a paint correction facility in Toronto. Use a high-quality adhesive remover or take your car to the best auto detailers in Toronto.

Car detailing agency in Toronto

The professionals will take care of the decal removal as well as clean the site afterward. This way, your car will be effectively cleaned and well-maintained. If you want to stick to the DIY approach, you can always ask for quality adhesive removal solutions from your car detailer.

Decals are tough to remove but these tips would certainly help. Make sure to follow this step-by-step guide and remove the decal effectively.

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