Do you want to get the exterior of your car cleaned? Go for the exterior car detailing services. You just need to look for the auto detailing companies in Canada and choose the best one to get the shine of your car restored with exterior car detailing. Through this article, you will get to know all about exterior car detailing services.


What is meant by the exterior car detailing?

It is a process of getting the entire exterior surface of the vehicle cleaned and restored to achieve the shine of the same. This makes a vehicle look as new. 

No matter if the paint of your vehicle is scratched or the engine is not functioning properly, everything will be fixed during the exterior car detailing process. 


What does the exterior car detailing process include?

The paint of any vehicle can have numerous imperfections due to various reasons. When undertaking the exterior car detailing process, cleaning paint is considered the most vital step. The exterior car detailing restores the paintwork of an automobile by getting rid of accumulated contaminants like dirt, oxidization, etc from its surface.


Here is the entire procedure:

  1. Car Washing: The first step in the exterior car detailing process is to wash and rinse the car. It is better to get your car hand washed compared to machine washed for removing any contaminants lingering on your vehicle’s surface. Using auto shampoo is the ideal choice for cleaning its surface.
  2. Surface Claying: In this step, the clay bar is used for removing the dirt or other contaminants which couldn’t be removed by washing the vehicle with some simple detergents.
  3. Rinsing: To rinse the shampoo and clay bar it is better to use a hose nozzle. It produces a water jet at the moderate pressure appropriate for cleaning the car in back and forth motion. It is recommended to keep the nozzle an inch away from the surface of the vehicle to cause light beading.
  4. Drying: Take a microfiber waffle weave drying towel to clean and dry the surface of the vehicle. It is suggested to pat dry the surface instead of rubbing or wiping against the painted surface to avoid scratching or damaging the paint.
  5. Pre-Treatment: This step aims at removing the stubborn grease and grime by applying the auto paint cleaner on the surface of the vehicle. 
  6. Polishing: After the car is cleaned, it’s time to polish the surface. The original polish on the paint surface is removed and a new all-in-one polish containing cleaners and polishes is applied. Let the polish dry till there is no residue on the vehicle’s surface.
  7. Paint Sealing: Auto wax, sealant, or coating is applied by the professionals so that surface of the vehicle can be protected from harmful environmental contaminants and Ultra Violet rays. This step aims at restoring the original shine of the automobile. And in the end, the headlights and the taillights of the car are cleaned for better illumination. 


Final Thoughts!!!

You might be wondering why to invest your time and money in the auto detailing companies in Toronto. Let us inform you that it is the exterior car detailing process that adds shine and luster to your vehicle’s paint by removing the light scratches, water spots, dirt, oxidation, swirl marks, etc from the surface. So, do take your car for exterior car detailing at least once a month.

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