How to change a flat tire?

A flat tire is a common problems that every car owner faces. However, it happens at the most unexpected times leaving you bewildered. While you can always take your car to a nearest car change agency Toronto or call for roadside assistance, there are times when you are left with no choices as you are at the middle of nowhere. You must know how to change a tire. Changing a flat tire and installing a new one is no rocket science. However, you must learn the basic process and skills to change a flat tire with perfection.

Here we have curated a quick how to guide on how to change a flat tire without professional help, though reaching to a professional tire service agency Toronto is recommended.

You will need spare tire and jack

You will have to locate the spare tire and jack in your vehicle. In old-car models, the spare tire and jack were stored at the same place and finding it was easy. However, with modern car models, the location have changed and is often confusing.

The car designers, thanks to their creativity, have found amazing places to make the tires and spare tools almost invisible in the design. This helps in maximizing the interior space while making the car aesthetically appealing.

Make sure you know this secret place of storage in your vehicle. This will save you from any discomfort when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. It is recommended to check for the storage space in your vehicle as soon as you buy it.

Make it evident that you are changing the tire

There are many reasons why a vehicle may be parked at the road side. You need to ensure that the other motorists know that you are changing the tire to avoid any accident. You must always find a safe place to park before swapping the tire. Now put on the hazard lights. You must also put the reflective signs behind your car to inform others about the operation you are accruing out.

First the spare and then the jack

Before you install the jack on your vehicle and raise it for the tire change, you must pull out the spare tire. A spare tire with due pressure weighs a lot and taking it out of a jack raised vehicle will be a laborious job.

Block the wheels

Do not forget to block the wheels when you are changing one of them. The other three wheels of the vehicle are still on the ground and can roll back or forth. If this happens, the movement can affect the jack and it can topple. This can cause a major accident leaving vehicle the as well as you injured.

It is recommended to reach to a professional auto repair center for tire change. But, if you are at a location where you cannot find any professional help, you must be able to do the job all by yourself. We hope that this guide will help you move the tire efficiently and ensure roadworthiness. It is however recommended to get the spare tire rechecked by an expert auto repair expert to ensure efficiency and safety.

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