How to protect your car from the winter sun?

Even if the number of sunny days in winter are limited in Canada, it is important for car owners to be worried about sun damage to the vehicle. When it does, the sun shines bright in the sky, exerting harmful UV rays and heat that does affect the cars exterior specially paint. Expert auto detailers Brampton emphasize on the effects of sun on the car paint including oxidation and fading. Even worse, excessive sun exposure, even during winter can cause car paint peeling and erosion which is no doubt an expensive damage to repair.

We understand your concerns for your vehicle and intent to help you maintain your vehicle in the best conditions. This is why our dedicated auto detailing services in Brampton are available at affordable prices to handle your car detailing needs. As far as sun damage is concerned, you must ensure that you park your car in shade, especially when the weather forecasts reads a Sunny Day.

How excessive sunlight is damaging for your vehicle?

Car owners should be very peculiar about car care during the months of summer as the sun shines bright in the sky. However, in winter season, the sun might be mild but over exposure can cause the same level of harm as in the warmer days of the year. The harmful sun rays can affect your car in a number of ways and put the long term viability of your vehicle in jeopardy. Professional auto detailing agency Brampton explain that the car paint is the first thing to get damaged as it starts peeling off or cracking. You can also experience the color of the fender and bumper fading when you leave your vehicle exposed in the sun for too long. It is important that one takes all necessary precautions and maintenance to protect the vehicle from the sun.

Tips to protect your vehicle from sun damage

Here are some of the most effective ways to keep your vehicle protected when under the sun. These tips come from the experts of auto detailing services in Brampton.

  • Ick a shady place to park

Ether t is a dedicated parking lot or you are parking at the side of the road, make sure you pick a shady spot on a sunny day. Parking your car in shade will not only keep the exterior safe but also prevent the interior by preventing harmful gas development. Avoiding direct exposure of the sun can prevent cracking and fading of the paint and make your car look as good as new.

  • Choose ceramic coating or PPF (Paint protection film)

Whether it is summer or winter, sun damage can be effectively prevented with the help of ceramic coatings. These coatings deflect sun light and prevent UV rays from contacting the car’s surface. This in turn prevents paint oxidation and preserves the look and appeal of the paint.

Moreover, when applied by an expert, the coating would last no less than 5 years which means long term protection for the vehicle.

  • Avail professional auto detailing services

Finally, t beat the sun damage effectively, one must connect with the best auto detailers in Brampton. Professional car cleaning services ensure effective removal of dirt, debris and any other harmful buildup that ca affect the paint of your car adversely. Make sure you visit a car cleaning agency at least twice a month if not more often.

To ensure that the sun does not wreak havoc on your vehicle this winter or summer in this case, make sure you take care of all these tips and keep the paint of your car shining as good as new.

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