How to store tires safely?

Changing Seasonal tires is the first thought that comes to the mind when the season changes. Whether you are putting on your summer tires or winter tires, it’s very important that you how to safely store the off-season set of tires.

There are many options when it comes to changing seasonal tires. You can choose to do it yourself or take help of car repair and service experts in Canada. But, how do you take care of the off season trees once they are off the vehicle? Safely removing the tires from the vehicle and then storing them efficiently is very crucial to ensure their longevity and safe use. If ignored, the trees can deteriorate in the storage and you will have to invest in a new set of tires when the time comes.

To help you out with safe storage of tires, here is a crisp guide that our experts have prepared. The guide have tips from expert auto detailers about safe tire storage in Canada.

  • Clean them first

The first thing you must do is cleaning. Use some water, detergent and a tire brush to clean the tires one by one. You will have to do some hard work as there will be a season’s worth of grime and road dirt on the tires. If you prefer storing your tires on the wheels, do not forget to clean them as well. Now dry them off completely for the next step.

  • Avoid any dressing

It is recommended by tire storage service Canada experts that avoiding applying any dressing or gloss on the tires is a way more effective way of storage than using a coat. The compounds of the tire are curated in a way that they resist ozone cracking and fight other environmental elements naturally. Applying a dressing or gloss will do no good but harm by hindering such natural processes.

  • Use the right bag to dress them

Each tire must be separately packed in a large, air-tight bag that completely covers it. It is best to use leaf bags or yard bags for the purpose. The idea is to keep the tire air and moisture free and avoid any damage. Moreover, air tight bags also prevent oil evaporation from the rubber compounds. You can get special tire storage bags from tire storage service Canada agency.

  • Maintain distance with the sun

Your tires can sustain significant damage when exposed to sun heat and UV rays. It is thus advisable to keep the tires away from the sunlight as much as possible. You need to look for a tore storage service provider Canada that has the facility with property arrangements to avoid the sun.

  • Avoid chemical exposure

Besides UV rays, you must also keep the tires away from any sort of chemicals. The primary chemical that is most harmful for the tires is Ozone. It is produced when certain types of electric motors run. These motors include:

  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Furnaces
  • Switches
  • Sump pumps
  • Central vacuum cleaners

You must also look out for lubricants, fuels and solvents of all types.

  • Choose the right option

When storing tires, you have three options to choose from:

  • stand them upright
  • Stack them by the side
  • Or use racks r hangers to hand them

Make sure you choose the method that exerts minimum stress on your tires. Safe practice depends on the tire, its built, material used and age.

Make sure that you safely store your off-season tires and find the in perfect shape in the next season. You can always take help of the professionals. The experts will offer a fill service tire storage package Canada and take care of your trees from removal to safe storage.

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