According to o professionals, you should clean your car before taking it for the detailing. People don’t realize but with time dust and dirt get accumulated both outside and inside the car, not cleaning which can result in poor functioning of the internal car parts. Cleaning the car acts as the first step in the car detailing process. Therefore, before you take your car to the auto detailing companies in Canada, it is better to clean every inch, nook, and part of your car.


In this guide, we have mentioned some car detailing requirements that you need to fulfill before taking the vehicle for professional detailing.


  • Carpets and Upholstery: When thinking of cleaning the carpets, vacuum them back and forth from the back seat, trunk, nooks, and crannies to make them dust-free. For deep cleaning, remove the seats of your car and vacuum underneath them. Make sure to clean every surface of your vehicle both inside out. 
  • Engine Compartment: With time grease and dirt gets accumulated in the engine interfering with its working. You need to get in there and vacuum the engine to blow out the dirt. If you think there is a need to deep clean the engine then take an air compressor with a nozzle and blow off the dust. 
  • Exterior tires and floor mats: To clean the tires and floor mats use a car wash shampoo. Apply some shampoo on them and use a pressure washer to spray it clean. Once tires and mats are washed, let them dry under the sun to smell fresh. 
  • In the cabinets: In case you have stored anything in the trunk and rear storage area of the car, remove the same and clean all cabinets using a mild cleaner. You will be surprised to notice that the storage area of your car holds so much dirt when cleaning the same. Also, remember to clean the glove box.
  • Cup Holders: Take a straw or rag and any mild cleaner to clean the cup holders in your car. Also, you can use the old toothbrush to clean the crevices.
  • Inside of windows: You can find a layer of dust inside of the doors and windows from being closed up for weeks or months. First, use the microfiber cloth and then in the last a utility dryer squeegee to clean all interior glass surfaces.
  • Exterior windows: To clean the exterior of windows, use a car cleaner, and lastly use a wet microfiber or squeegee. If you are cleaning both exterior and interior, switch to the tire foam, then use a rinse solution for the surfaces safe to spray, and in the last, all you need to do is dry them off using a microfiber towel. 
  • Hard surfaces: When cleaning the hard surfaces, use spray bottles to sprinkle some water on them and then wipe the dust off using a microfiber towel in a back and forth motion. Remember not to put too much pressure when cleaning the hard surfaces using a towel as it can cause scratches on the same. 


Final Thoughts

If you are looking forward to taking your car to the professional auto detailing services in GTA to restore its original shine, make sure to clean the car properly before the service. This will not save your investment but also offer a better overall car detailing experience.

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