Key points to check after PPF installation on your vehicle

PPF Installation has become a very popular vehicle protection option in the recent past. When you avail PPF installation services by expert auto detailing companies Toronto, you can expect the best results. It is a top protection options that protect the look and appeal of your cars for several years to come. While you can expect the best results from expert paint protection film installation service provider, it is important to inspect the and check the results for quality purposes. You need to ensure that the auto detailer has done the best job.

How will you check the PPF installation on your vehicle? Well, here are a few easy ways to ensure the awesomeness of PPF installation on your vehicle.

Check the edges

Edges are the most important area of the vehicle to check post PPF installation. Check the edges of the vehicle post PPF installation service. Edges is where you can find the paint protection film ends. If the auto detailer in Toronto has poor installation skills, you can see it on the edges very clearly. Hence, checking the edges is very important. Here are some of the major edges of the vehicles that you must check:

  • Wheel wells
  • Rocker panels
  • Trunk lid
  • Door edges
  • Bumpers
  • Trunk lid


Check for dirt & dust beneath the film

Before applying the paint protection film, the auto detailer would clean the surface thoroughly and ensure that it is dirt and dust free. If there is any dirt or dust traces, the film will not stick to the vehicle properly and the investment in the entire PPF installation will fail. Moreover, the dirt and dust can be easily seen beneath the film making it look shabby and poorly installed.

Use a flash light to check for the dirt and dust under the film and if you find any, contact the auto detailer in Canada.

Check the finish for its gloss

A perfectly installed PPF will have a fine glossy finish. As per the best auto detailing agency in Toronto, the best paint protection films have a glowing finish that lasts for 5-10 years. If you find the glow compromised or the PPF look smoky, there is certainly a mistake in the installation process.

Is there peeling?

Before you drive your vehicle home or take delivery of a freshly PPF installed vehicle, you must check if there is any peeling. Make sure you check the entire surface of the vehicle before you sign the delivery form. If there is peeling, even a little bit of it, the paint protection film will reel off more quickly than expected. Noticing the peeling and notifying it to the auto paint correction agency in time is very important.

Check the surface for stretchmarks and roughness

A freshly and expertly applied paint protection film must have a smooth finish. There should be no stretchmarks or rough patches on the entire surface that you can feel or see. If there are any, you must contact the agency and ask for an explanation.

Paint protection film installation is a very effective way to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s body. It is also a significant investment and hence it is advised to be through with the process and ensure the best results.

Make sure you find the best auto detailer agency in Toronto t offer you Paint Protection Film installation service. Read user’s reviews as well as company’s experience in offering the desired services. Once you are sure of the company’s expertise, move ahead with your PPF installation plan. However, do not forget to check the vehicle post service!

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