Key tips for transmission maintenance

Auto repairing agency in Canada the car’s transmission is a very important part of the system. Besides changing the gears, the car transmission also ensures that the power from the engine is directed to the wheels at all times. It gets worked up as much as your car’s engine do.

Sadly, not many car owners are concerned about the transmission just like they are for the engine of the car. This ignorance leads to bigger problems and invites heavy expenses and repairs in future. As important as it is to tackle your car to auto repairing agency in Canada, it is equally important to take a proactive approach towards transmission maintenance.

This post has some amazing transmission maintenance tips that allow you to take care of the transmission. however, when you need repair, maintenance or a replacement service, do not forget to reach out to the best auto repair agency near me- Lustre Touch.

How to maintain your car’s transmission?

  • Establish a maintenance routine

Expert auto detailers in Toronto advise to establish a routine maintenance schedule for your transmission. Both automatic and manual transmission system demand due care and maintenance. You must take the vehicle to a reputed car service agency and get the transmission system checked.

Yearly inspections and maintenance will allow you to preserve the efficiency of the transmission. The service includes detailed inspection of the system and rectification of any issued identified.

  • Keep a check on the transmission fluids

Checking the transmission fluids frequently can help maintain the system. If you do not want to bring the car to the agency, you can check the fluids by yourself.  Here are steps you need to follow to check the transmission fluids:

  • Check the label and pull out the transmission fluid dipstick. Always do this when the engine is idle.
  • Wipe clean all the fluids off the dipstick.
  • Now put it back and remove it again.
  • The fluid inside would have left a mark on the dip stick.
  • The fluid inside must be bright red or clear with a sweet smell.
  • You must rush to the agency right away of you find the fluid dark, dirty and smelling foul.
  • If you find low fluid levels, you probably have a leak.

If the level is low, you can add more fluid by yourself. However, before you do so, check the recommended type of fluid in the user’s manual. You can also consult your auto repair agency GTA.


  • Stop before you change the gears

Often people driving an automatic vehicle are in a rush and do not pay attention while switching the gears from reverse to drive. If you do not stop completely before switching the gears, you can end up with a faulty transmission.

Also, for people driving a manual vehicle, it is extremely important to ensure smooth gear shift and also the right gear use as per the speed and degrees. If you ignore this, you can have excessive pressure on the transmission, resulting in early wear of clutch pedal, clutch disc and overall transmission system.

  • Take care of your engine to take care of the transmission

The transmission and engine of a vehicle works hand in hand. If you maintain the engine, it can cause less stress on the transmission and ensure smooth performance. Here is how to make your transmission last long.

  • Allow the car to warm up completely before you drive during cold temperatures.
  • Use a spare tire for a limited time as it puts pressure on the transmission.
  • Do not allow the engine to overhe4at and check the cooling system frequently.
  • Do not press the brake and speed pedal at one go.
  • Pay attention to engine maintenance and change the oils frequently.
  • Get transmission filters changed on time.
  • Keep a close eye on engine issues and repairs.
  • Take every warning sign on the dashboard seriously.
  • Keep a check on any strange voices coming when changing gears and get it checked.

When you get your car cleaned and services periodically, it helps maintain the overall systems of the vehicle, including the transmission.

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