How to make your car smell like a new one?

Car detailing services Toronto Canada Pungent odors coming from the car could ruin your entire journey or trip. Nobody presents out there likes the bad smelly car but luckily there are some tips and tricks available that help an individual eliminate the bad foul odors coming from the car. One of the best tricks to keep a car out of bad odors is by keeping it clean from the inside and outside. Check out these tips to keep your car having a fresh smell. 

  • Know the source of the bad smell 

There are many areas present in any car that cause smells such as cabin air filters and cloth seats. Check whether fruit, food, or spills are there under the car seats. The residue of spills can cause bad odors. If you did not find any source then visiting car detailing services Toronto Canada is an ideal option. 

  • Clean dirty air vents 

One of the main causes of bad car smell is the dirty air vents. With the passage of time, dirt and germs get accumulated in air vents. So be sure you keep these clean and if you are not aware of how to do it then a car detailing agency Toronto, Canada is there to help you out.  

  • Open the windows 

Usually, a pungent smell festers inside the car because of the lack of air circulation. When you drive, you should open the windows to reduce the smell intensity and let the fresh air come inside it. When the car is parked at a safe place like at your home then you should keep the windows rolled down, if possible.

  • Use rubber mats instead of the fabric-based mats 

Do you know fabric-based mats get dirty with ease and also, they are very hard to clean and can soak up messes in no time? This is the reason why they start to smell after a certain period so it is recommended you replace these with the rubber mats because they don’t absorb spills and are very easy to clean and wipe. 

  • A detailing degreaser solution 

Using a degreaser solution helps you to remove or clean the food or spill residues present on the carpets and seats of the car. Therefore, the source of the smell that is trapped in the fabric is removed with this. When using the degreaser solution, you should read out the manual instructions. One of the best solutions you can use is vinegar diluted with water. 

  • Take your car to the auto detailing agency 

When you use all the above tricks and still things are not working then it is great to take your car to the auto detailing agency. It is recommended you take your car to the professionals at least once a year. This is because they have industrial equipment such as steam cleaners, dirt extractors, and a lot of other chemicals. They are aware of the right techniques too and have the expertise in this field. 


Wrapping it all up!!!

Luckily, all these above tricks won’t break your bank or waste your precious time. They are highly affordable as well as fast too and help you to get rid of the stinky and foul odors. Use the above tips to keep the car smelling fresh and good. Additionally, have some good habits like refraining from eating in the car and preventing spilling.

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