Common Reasons For Clear Coat Failure

Professional paint correction services GTA There are several reasons why a clear coat can fail and a majority of them are external factors. We invest a lot in professional auto detailing services and when something like a clear coat problem happens, it causes a lot of discomforts.

Professional paint correction experts in Toronto explain that a clear coat is a very important layer of protection. It maintains the paint of the car along with its looks and life. If the clear coat gets damaged, it can easily affect the paint, destroying it permanently and causing you an additional expense of painting the car.

If you want to prevent the overall car painting process, it is best to reach out to a professional auto paint correction agency Canada and ask them to work on your requirements.

In this post, we have discussed the most common reasons for clear coat failure and the importance of professional paint correction.

Reasons for clear coat failure

  • Spider webbing

The common swirl marks on the clear coat of a car are known as spider webbing. Some of the common reasons for swirl marks include improper circular washing method, use of dirty or abrasive towels, frequent visits to automatic car washes, and using a high pH automotive shampoo.

  • Fine scratches

Many reasons can lead to scratches. Fine scratches that do not impact the basecoat can be easily treated with professional paint correction services GTA. You might get a scratch from racing your car through a bushy highway, running through gusty winds and airborne debris, keying by nuisances, and more. You can avoid clear coat scratches in the first place but if they are there, you will have to connect with the professionals.

  • Water spots

These are common and can be due to hard water, acid rain, or exposure to road grime. While water spots can be cleared easily at first, they become stubborn when allowed to sit for a long time. Water with a high level of salts, road grime, minerals, and other impurities can cause permanent damage to the clear coat. When baked in the sun, these naïve-looking water spots can become lethal to the life of your clear coat.

  • Bird crap

Birds can be pretty but when it comes to dumping, they do not spare your car no matter how expensive it may be. Bird poop is one of the most common reasons for clear coat damage. Besides, squirrels and roadside animals can also leave crap on your car affecting the clear coat.

  • Inexperienced car detailers

Last but not the least, hiring inexperienced car detailers in Toronto to work on your car can leave permanent damage to the clear coat. If the detailers do not have the right experience, tools, skills, and knowledge, they can cause more harm to the car’s paint than benefits. Be wary of this segment of rogue car detailers.

Professional paint correction services GTA

Damage to a clear coat is devastating as it may eat up the basecoat in no time. You must know when to reach professional auto detailers in Canada and ask for a premium detailing of your cherished vehicle.

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