Reasons why new tires can leak air!!!

There are various reasons present out there that can cause damage to the tires and sometimes the new tires can also leak air and it can happen without the driver being immediately aware of the problem associated with the tire. Cut, bulges, cracks are some of the most common reasons. Tires are the point of contact between you and the road and they play the gripping role which impacts all the other things like the quality of ride, braking, and so on. These are an important element of a vehicle and if you have recently invested in a brand new set of tires but it starts leaking air then you might have thought that you get defective type. Yes, this is quite frustrating to know but knowing the reason can solve the problem to an extent. If you are interested to know the reasons behind it then tire service companies can help you. Check out these some common reasons: 

  • Improper seal at installation 

New tires can go flat if they don’t seal properly. This can be done because of very common mistakes that one can make during installation. It can be not cleaning the seal properly or if you forget to remove a label of any kind. This can cause leakage of air and can cause further damage to the tire. 

  • A puncture caused by a sharp object 

This is one of the most common causes as tires are required to run on the road where there can be nails or glass present. These sharp objects can cause puncture which leaks air. It is recommended you pay attention to the road to avoid direct contact with sharp objects. 

  • Damage to the valve system 

Valve stem issue is also another main cause behind tire problems. The valve stem is a tiny protrusion that can leak air out of the tire when it gets corroded or damaged. Dirt clogged or loose stems can also be a reason behind it. Though it is easy to replace a valve of an old car as it is an inexpensive process used by tire services agencies in Toronto. But when it involves a new car then the process is quite complicated as the newer cars with tire pressure sensors built into the air valve. 

  • Mounting problems 

Corrosion at the rim of the vehicle where it meets with the tire can cause the loss of air or can make it flat. This is the most common reason behind the air leaks from tires. 

  • The dramatic change of temperature 

The cold weather can cause air molecules to become denser which can drop the air pressure of the tires. If the temperature drops to 10 degrees F then it can lose one PSI. If you keep your car in the garage during winter days then it can keep a compressor handy. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

When it comes to the safety of any vehicle, tires play an important role. Yes, though it is the brakes that stop the car in an emergency it requires tires to stop it in actuality. So, keep the tire well maintained for complete safety before you hit the road. Take your car to the auto detailing agencies in Canada for inspection of tires if there is something wrong with them that is causing them to lose air. 

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