Tips from the experts for safe driving during Canadian winter

Safe drive during Canada winter, Canadian winter is just around the corner and it is time that you learn safe driving tricks from the experts. safe drive during Canada winter No matter if you are a novice driver for the icy and snowy roads of Canada or a pro with experience, this post contains some amazing tips that will prove beneficial to one and all. As per the data collected from the best auto repairs and detailers in GTA, every year, several vehicles meet with tragic accidents due to the icy road conditions during winter. It is essential that one learns the right and safe way to drive during the chilly season.

Changing to winter tires s one of the first things you must do. You can contact the best auto service in Toronto to help you with tire change and storage solutions Toronto and make your vehicle roadworthy. There are many other things that you need to learn about winter driving so here are some safety tips.

  • Stay focused and controlled when driving on the snow

When driving on snowy and icy roads, you should be very cautious while hitting the brakes. In case you need to make an instant stop, it is advised to pump the brake. The modern ABS System- anti-lock braking system fitted in the car is effective to make an instant stop on slippery roads as it pumps the brake instantly for you.

You can also choose to downshift the gears of your car if your car has a standard transmission. This is an effective trick if you are moving down the slope.

  • Clear all the ice and snow off the car

Visibility is of great importance when driving during the snowy season. You need to ensure that your car hood, windows and rear windshields are clear off snow when you are driving. Also clear all ice and snow from your car’s taillights and headlights.

You can also experience ice buildup on your vehicle which is very dangerous. You can use de-ice spray to clear the ice.

  • Maintain your distance

Auto repairers in Toronto explain that often car accidents are caused due to reckless and negligent driving of other drivers. To ensure that you have a safe journey to your destination, you must maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Also, always drive slowly so that you have enough time to respond to an emergency situation.

  • If it is freezing rain- stay cautious

You will face freezing rains in some parts of Canada. There will be times when you will have to step out in such rainy condition and hence some precautions are mandatory.

When driving in freezing rain, you must:

  • Have enough time in hand to complete the journey as speeding the vehicle is the most dangerous thing to do.
  • Make sure to maintain safe distance from other vehicles.
  • You will find several road maintenance vehicles on the road during freezing rains. Keep a watchful eye on the presence of these vehicles to avoid collision.
  • Make sure you have your focus right and stay composed when driving. Do not lose control and be dedicated.
  • Plan your safety procedure ahead of time:

You need to have a solid safety plan for winter driving. Some points to keep in mind include:

  • Stay on the main highways and roads.
  • Be watchful an also maintain your visibility
  • If the weather is bad, avoid driving as much as possible

If in an unfortunate event, you face a car damage due to bad weather, feel free to connect with the best auto detailers in Toronto and restore your vehicle to its former glory safe drive during Canada winter.

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