Spare tire Vs. Donuts; are they any different?

Tire service experts in Canada  Tires make an important part of the vehicle and tire troubles are dreadful. As a car owner, do you know the difference between a spare tire and a donut? Well, often used interchangeably, spare tire and donut are two different things.

In this post, tire service experts in Canada explain the key differences between the two for you to have a better understanding.

Depending upon the make, model, and type of vehicle, it can have a spare tire or a donut. Although these two options aren’t the same, they can be used when the car’s tire is flat. Having a backup tire is important and a spare tire or donut, whatever it is, saves you from a lot of uncalled-for trouble.

Let’s understand the difference between the two, as explained by the best tire service providers in GTA.

Difference between spare tire and donut:

A spare tire is just like the tires already installed in your vehicle. It is a full-size tire with the same measurements as the other tires on the car. In the case of a flat tire, when you use the spare tire, you do not feel any changes in the performance or handling. For vehicles that come with a full-size spare tire, it is important to use the spare tire during tire rotation service in Canada. This ensures that the spare tire wears just like any other tire of the vehicle and has adequate air at all times.

Unlike a spare tire, a donut is a small tire or better said a temporary spare tire. They are used only when you have to drive a short distance before you get the large tire fixed or a new tire matching the measurement of your existing tires. When you have a donut installed on your car, it is not safe to drive at high speed as a donut is not meant to bear extra pressure or rough usage. When you have a donut on, handling your car would be different and so will the performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of donut and spare tire

Spare tires are large, usually the size of the normal tire of a vehicle. Donuts, on the other hand, are smaller and usually come with sedans or smaller vehicles as they can bear a minimum load. For larger vehicles including trucks and large sedans, having a backup tire in the form of a full-size backup tire is recommended.

However, when you have a spare tire stored in the back of your vehicle, it makes it heavier, which means the mileage gets adversely affected. To avoid this from happening, reputed car manufacturers now come with other options such as a sealant and inflator kit in the vehicle instead of a full-size, heavy spare tire.

If you are buying a new vehicle, make sure you check what option you have got.

How to put on a spare tire or a donut?

Well, a flat tire in the middle of nowhere is the worst nightmare for any car owner. However, if you have had the sad fate and are dealing with a tire with no air or a big leak, you must know how to put on a donut or a spare tire, whichever you got with the vehicle.

You must always have a tire changing kit at the back of your vehicle. The kit would have a few spanners, a jack to lift the vehicle, and a sheet that you might like to spread on the ground before you kneel and work on the tire.

Take off the wheel cover with care. Now use the jack to lift the car so that the tire can be easily removed. Take the spanner and use it to unbolt the tire, take one bolt at a time and loosen the tire as you open them.

Remove the tire and put the spare tire/ donut in the space. Start bolting it, one at a time and with utmost care. Check the tire rotation. Put on the wheel cover and slowly remove the jack.

Now take the car to a tire service agency near you and get it checked for safety.

Hope this answers all your concerns about spare tires and donuts. If you have any further confusion, feel free to contact the best tire change and rotation services in Canada at Lustre Touch.

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