Tire Storage

If you are critical about your tire and have a lot of spares and seasonal tires, you will surely be worried about the tire storage. Using tires as per the upcoming weather is advised to ensure tire safety. But what to do with the spare and changes? Well, tire storage proves handy to you when you want to store your tires safely for the next season. If you want temperature-controlled storage units for your tires, trust Lustre Touch!.

Tire Storage Process @ Lustre Touch

We follow a protocol to ensure that our tire storage services prove the most useful. Here are the steps of the process:

We connect
We visit you at your desired site to save your time and make it a no-hassle process. all you need to do is tell us the time and place and we will arrive in time, pick up the tires and store them for you.

Tire storage
We are proud to maintain a large and safe storage facility for tires. The temperature-controlled storage facility is ideal for safely storing your winter and summer tires. You can have peace of mind as well as a lot of free garage space.

Swapping the tires
We are very vigilant when it comes to tire safety. We inspect your winter and summer tires and as soon as the weather changes, we give you a call to inform you about the right time for the change.


Have more space in your garage with us!

When you trust the affordable and experienced tire storage experts at Lustre Touch for safe storage of your seasonal and spare tires, you get a chance to enjoy the peace of mind that comes along. We take full responsibility for moving the tires and safely storing them in a climate-controlled storage unit. This helps you safeguard your tires as well as have more space in the garage.

As soon as the season changes and you need a change, arrive at the facility and let us swap your tires. We ensure that the tires are safely stored and well-maintained at all times.

A tire storage facility that is affordable and reliable

We deal in all types of tires and are here to offer you affordable services. You can reach out to us and discuss your options and we will ensure that we offer you the best price! We are the only tire storage service provider in Toronto that you can trust for safety and affordability.








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Irene Courage
The two tire brothers came to our house and detailed my husband's car as a birthday present. It sparkled when they were done. They also sourced and installed snow tires for my Audi A4 at substantially less money and hassle than the dealer. The were punctual, very pleasant and most importantly did an A++ job! I would highly recommend both detailing and tire service. They wore masks and stayed socially distanced at all times. Getting the service to come to the house was less risky than driving to the dealer and waiting there for service. Very happy customer!
Pete Dann
They showed up as promised with literally everything required and did an absolutely outstanding job. Highly recommended
Delphine Nicholls
Very happy to support and recommend this small business!
Thanoja Tharmakulasekaram
The service was amazing. All I had to do was tell them a time and place, they were punctual and so reasonably priced. My car looked brand new and smelled good too. Will definitely be coming to them again and I highly recommend them.
jacqueline titus
Had my cars and family and friends cars cleaned by Muhid. Excellent job and reasonably priced! My van which I have 3 small boys who eat in it was cleaned by Muhid in the spring. It literally looked brand new! Today I had my husbands winter car cleaned. It was so dirty and disgusting (sorry) and Muhid made the car look so fresh and clean. I Highly recommend. Very professional service and he does not cut corners. Also very convenient as he comes right to your house. I have recommended him to my friends and family and will continue to use his services every year! Thank you!
Samir Molvi
Extremely professional had 3 cars detailed. Will recommend and be using them again in spring.
Kimberley Ann Groulx
Very friendly service, amazing job! I detail my car every year before the winter and this is my first time using Lustre Touch and have never seen my car this clean, except on the day it was purchased. Love the convenience not having to drive my car somewhere else and wait around. Would highly recommend!!😊
Natalie W
Great detailing service by a couple of great guys! Diligent and hard workers, they did a full interior clean - car feels brand new. Can’t recommend them enough!