Trying DIY auto paint corrections: here are some pro tips

Paint correction agency in GTA Auto paint correction experts in Canada would have different say when you ask them whether or not you should try DIY paint correction. While some would say that you will need the right tools, skills, and some research to reach perfection, others would claim it a mad decision and advise you to take the other route.

This way or that, paint correction is one tough task and it is important to take the right approach towards it. The process is long and includes several phases including paint swirl marks removal, fading, oxidation, and marring in a clear coat and you will have to have great patience, equipment, and prep up. While it is recommended to trust a professional paint correction agency in GTA, you can always try your luck with DIY paint correction but with some pro tips from our experts.

What is paint correction?

Before we get started, it is important to understand the paint correction process in the first place.

Paint correction is a process aimed at removing imperfections from a car’s paint and restoring it to a new-like condition. The process includes several phases and it is important to complete one before heading to the next. Professional car detailers in Canada take a very detailed approach to paint correction while DIY is simpler.

The key steps included in the paint correction process include:

  • Cleaning/Removing debris via clay bar
  • Wet sanding/Leveling
  • Waxing/Polishing
  • Resealing the Paint

The DIY paint correction process

As aforesaid, the process of DIY paint correction is a bit simpler than what professionals follow. It might appear pretty intimidating at first but as you attempt it a few times, you can get better at it.

Step 1: Prepare

In the prep-up stage, you will have to work on removing contaminants off the car’s surface. This includes dirt, debris, previously applied waxes, polishes, sealants, and more. Wash the car thoroughly and gently scrub it down. You must then take on the clay scrubbing method and remove stubborn particles. Wipe off the entire car using a microfiber towel and apply tape on areas that you do not want to see fade away.

Step 2: level up

Leveling is of great importance when it comes to car paint correction. You will need some tools and gear for this stage including an electric polisher and microfiber cutting pads and cutting compounds. Now buff the entire surface of the car and get a level. Expert auto detailers in Toronto warn against cutting through the clear coat. To prevent it, you must change the buffing pad frequently.

Step 3: Polishing

The next step is polishing which is directed toward removing scratches and contaminants from the surface that are left behind after the prep and eliminates the hazing that happens during the leveling process.

Once this phase is over, you will have a shiny and scratch-free car.

Step 4: Sealing

The final step of the process is sealing and for it, you will need a high-quality sealant. Using a quality sealant makes your vehicle resistant to scratches to the clear coat. Try and make distance from traditional waxes and instead use an affordable DIY nano-ceramic coating,

As far as professional paint correction services are concerned, the professionals use high-end PPF products only.

DIY auto paint correction is not an easy job but when you follow the right set of rules and have the right gear it can be made relatively easier. Make sure you use this guide when you pick the messy and complicated auto paint correction job in your hand. Otherwise, it is best to leave it for the best auto detailers near me.

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