How to wash your car without scratching its paint!!!

Car detailing services Toronto Keeping your car clean inside out is not an easy thing to do. It can be a stressful job to wash it properly without damaging the paint of it. This is because you are not aware of the right techniques and tools that are used to wash it in a good manner and detail. The best way to do this stressful job is by taking it to the car detailing services Toronto, Canada for a detailed wash. If you want to know how to wash your car without any scratches then here are some tips for you.

Let us first understand how do scratches occur?

To keep the car clean and free from scratches, you need to understand how they occur. 

The clear coat of paint sits on the top of the base coating it and it keeps the car protected from corrosion and another kind of damage including fading and so on. Though it offers protection to the exterior of the vehicle it is quite fragile and delicate. So if there is any kind of friction applied to it, it will cause damage, swirl, and scratches on the car. The biggest source of friction is touch during washing, removing dirt, and drying it. So, it is important to know the right technique that helps wash it carefully without causing any damage to it.  

  • Touchless car wash 

This is the best method as you don’t require any special tools, equipment, or technique for this. You don’t need to be a trained professional to wash your car with this touchless technique. This is the fastest and most convenient way in which you don’t need to use your hands. But in this, you need to spend money on a pressure washer and air dryer. So, people who are tight on a budget can’t opt for this method. 

  • Two bucket method 

In this method, two buckets are used in which one consisting of the auto detailing agency soap solution of your preference, and the other contains the water that simply rinses off that soap solution from the car. Then a microfiber towel is used to dry the car off. It is recommended you during it in the circular motions to prevent the swirl marks and scratches. 

  • Be sure you use the right products 

One of the biggest mistakes that an individual does is to use the wrong household cleaners and products such as soap and laundry detergents. Because these are not suitable products and are not manufactured in a way to remove dirt and stains from your car. Their harsh chemical formula affects the car paint and exterior of the car. 

  • Don’t use cheaper waxes 

If you use cheaper waxes then it can cause swirls or scratches on the car. This is because to apply these waxes, one needs to apply excessive pressure that will cause swirls or scratches. 


Wrapping it all up!!!

Washing your car is an essential part of its maintenance. The more often you will use or drive your car, the more you have to wash it. Not does it will make your car look nice and shiny but also stops the fading. But using the improper techniques could cause stains and swirl marks on the car exterior. Use the expert advice of car detailing services Toronto, Canada, or get auto detailing services to keep it clean and well maintained. 

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