When is the right time to put on your winter tires?

Winter tyres Canada When the air become crisp and you find your car all cold in the morning, the winter is here! You need to take care of your vehicle during the chilly season and a crucial part of it is tire management & care.

As a part of your road safety preparedness during the snow filled winter of Canada, you need to work on your winter tires. The expert auto detailers in Canada explain that the winter tires aren’t just pieces of rubber but your guarantee to safe road trips during winter season in the country.  Are made specifically to offer the drivers grip ad stability as they drive the car on snowy and icy roads. When it comes to performance, these tires are superior than most of the all-season and all-weather tires that some auto detailers in Toronto might be recommending you Winter tyres Canada.

So, if you haven’t invested in a set of winter tires, this must be the right time. However, one important question that demands an expert‘s answer is – ‘When should you change your winter tires’?

There are various factors that must be taken into account when you are deciding to change to your winter tires. The decision widely depends on the province you live in as the weather condition differ from one province to another. Let’s find out how:

Provinces where winter tires are mandatory

While it is crucial to have winter tires in all provinces of Canada, there are only two provinces where it is mandatory by law. Quebec and British Columbia are the two provinces in Canada where you need to have winter tires to drive legally.

  • In Quebec, you need to keep winter tires from December 1 to March 15. If you fail to do so, you will have to bear a fine of $200-$300, plus additional costs.
  • In British Columbia, you will have to put on winter tires October 1 to April 30 when driving on certain highways. These highways include Highway 3 (Crowsnest), Highway 5 (Coquihalla), Highway 20 (Chilcotin-Bella Coola), Highway 26 (Barkerville), and Highway 37 (Stewart–Cassiar) and more.

Provinces where you do not need winter tires:

Yes, there are provinces where winter tires aren’t mandatory. These provinces include:

  • Manitoba
  • Ontario

Provinces where winter tires are not mandatory but important to use:

Some provinces where government recommends using winter tires but do not make it mandatory include:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan

It is the month of November when temperature in these areas hit around 7 degrees and as per the auto detailers in Canada, it is best to consider changing to winter tires irrespective of what the regulations are.

When should you take off the winter tires?

Just like they are important to use during winter, they can be dangerous to use when the temperature starts to soar. Winter tires are developed to perform on snowy and icy roads and if the rad become hot, they would definitely perform poor.

You must use the 7 degrees rule to check on your tires. Of the temperature is below 7 degrees, you need winter tires ad as it starts to rise up, get back to your summer wheels.

Changing the winter tires:

It is best to let professionals take care of your winter tires. Whether it is changing them taking them off or storing them safely, let the experts take care of your vehicle while you enjoy safety and peace of mind.

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