White or Black: Which Color That Goes Well with Your Car?

Car is an asset we all want to see clean. Paint Correction service Toronto states that a clean and polished car always creates a positive impression. Few people don’t bother about the outer impression of cars but most car enthusiasts take care of their 4 wheelers. Some of them wash their car only on weekends while others do the car cleaning at least once a month.

According to Car detailing Toronto color is an important factor while buying a car. The appeal of a specific color can trigger your emotion and make you buy a car. But as emotions fade away and so does the shine of a car. To keep it last for a long time, maintenance is required. Most of us want the thrill of a shiny car whenever we look at it. Well, some effort you must put into that.

White or Black?

It has been a matter of debate whether black or white is better a color for your car. Usually, people tend to choose cars in order of white, silver, black color. Following the trend, the best car detailers in Toronto say white is the most common color of cars these days. This color is believed to show dirt more quickly. That’s true too.

On the contrary, Black cars are usually the hardest to keep clean. This is a problem with a dark-colored vehicle. Even a speck of small dirt on the vehicle shows. Rainstorms also leave ugly marks on the car when it rides through murky water.

Black cars tend to attract all sorts of dirt. Be it bird dropping to dust & pollens. Besides that, there is an issue of overheating. Black color gets heated quicker because they absorb heat faster than white ones. You can notice it if they both are exposed to the same high temperature.

White VS Black

Though white vehicles do not get dirty as fast as black cars do, they are not the best. If you live in an area with red clay or where it is volcanic soils, it seems true when you drive through a dirty road.

Black cars give more of a sporty look. They look smaller than the white ones. The sleek, compact look boosts a driver’s confidence. While white is a beautiful, practical color.

However, Car detailing service Toronto admits that the white cars hide scratches better. This appeal works during car purchasing in the long run. White, being a bright color is visible on the road. This helps to prevent collisions in the rainy season and nighttime. While this is not the case for black cars especially at night.

But black is never a boring color. It is suitable for both a male and female. White paints fade slower than black paints. During summer, white cars do not get heated quickly. Therefore, the AC system needs a lesser operation in a white car. This further saves your fuel cost.


We can conclude that white has more advantage as a color of the car. But other colors are easier to keep clean. Colors like light brown, champagne, tan, taupe, gray, silver colors look nice even when not fully cleaned. Painting your car with colors like this saves your maintenance cost in the long run.

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