Why does the tire pressure drops during winter?

As the colder months of the year approach, you might experience that the pressure of your car tires decreases pretty often. You have to run to the tire pressure machine every now and then to replenish the lost tire pressure. It is very common to hear the car signaling ‘low tire pressure’ when you are on a long commute. Have you ever wondered, why does this happen? Why the tire pressure decreases as the temperature drops. Well, there is a detailed explanation behind it and the best tire service agency in Canada is here to share it with you.

Let’s understand the connection between cold air and tire pressure

As the winter approaches and the mercury drops, your car tires do not lose the air miraculously. The air remains in the tire itself so stop looking for a hole, puncture, or any other damage to the tire’s body. When the temperature is cold, the air inside the tire condenses. The colder it gets, the more condensed the air will be and there will be more space in the tires. Once the tires warm up, the air gets warmer, filing up the space. This is the reason that the TMPS light goes off after you drive for the vehicle a little longer.

However, the best tire change service providers in Toronto explain that ignoring the TMPS lights is not advised. You must reach to a service center and get the tire pressure checked. With every 1 degree of drop in the temperature, the tires would lose around lose about .19 PSI. It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle with low pressure tires and hence you must get the air refilled in due time. This will not only make your journey safe but also increase the lifespan of your tires.

As per the professional tire service center Toronto, road safety enhances to great extent when the tire pressure is optimum.

Are there any other reasons for low tire pressure?

Yes, beside cold temperature, there are a wide range of reasons why you may have a low air pressure in the tires. Here are the most common reasons:


A punctured tire is a common problem. A nail, screw, or any other sharp object can puncture the car tires. You can get a puncture tire fixed at a professional auto repair center GTA. However, in extreme cases, you will have to get the tire changed. It is recommended to refrain from pulling any foreign object from your tires body. Instead, take the car to the professionals and let the experts handle the service.


When the tire hits something excessively large, it might damage the tire body. This creates a bulge in the tire and also affect the air pressure in the tire. Driving a car with bulge in the tire can be a life-threatening experience.


A puncture or tear can cause a hole in the tire. Professional tire service providers can patch the hole and prevent the air pressure from dropping.

Cracked rim

There are many reasons why you may have a cracked rim. A minor accident or a hit can damage the rim. With cracked rim, the tires will fail to hold the air pressure and the TMPS lights will glow.

Faulty TMPS

At times, faulty Tire Pressure Sensor system can show low tire pressure. You can connect with expert auto repair agency in Toronto and they will fix the problem for you.

Low tire pressure is a serious problem and you must keep a close watch on it. Reach to the best tire service center Toronto to get the best services.

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